End of the Year Chromebook Procedures

As the year comes to an end, District IT wants to get an accurate count of available devices at each school.
We will start collecting with 8th grade starting May 18th, 2022.

If students have stickers on their device, doodles, scribblings or other “decorations” they need to take them off completely.

Devices to be collected from 8th grade:

  • Chromebook(s), any chrome OS device they may have in their possession.
  • Charger(s), any chargers in student’s possession.

6th Grade devices will be checked in and immediately checked out on 5/23/22

7th Grade devices will be checked in and immediately checked out on 5/24/22

Devices will be checked upon receipt and if any damages are found to be intentional, or an item is missing fees will be assigned. Please Parents/Guardians check SIS for fees and fines that have been or will be assigned.

(District IT - Chromebooks costs_value)

Students must hand in a chromebook and charger, or face fees/fines for any missing items.

Any students absent, or without devices will be noted, and we will communicate with their parents/guardians as to the whereabouts of their students’ devices and how to get them back to campus.