Reading Counts

Reading Counts
Western Pines School-Wide
Extra Credit Opportunity
for all Students

This Extra-Credit Reading Policy will be the only extra-credit offered!

All students will have the opportunity to earn extra credit points in their four core classes (language
arts, math, social studies and science) by taking Reading Counts quizzes on books they have read.
Quizzes must be taken ONLY with the student’s Language Arts/Reading teacher in class or with
any Language Arts/Reading teacher before or after school. Additionally, students may take quizzes
in Morning Care (Wednesdays 8-9 AM) or Afterschool (Mondays 4:15-5:15 PM) with the Language
Arts/Reading teacher on duty. Students will be given a Reading Counts Quiz Log which his/her
Language Arts/Reading teacher must sign each time a quiz is completed. This log will remain in the
student’s Language Arts/Reading classroom. If a quiz is taken with any other Language
Arts/Reading teacher then a signed pass will be given to the student’s teacher to verify the quiz.

Points will not be accepted for books on which there is a movie or if the log is signed by anyone
other than a Language Arts/Reading teacher, including a substitute teacher.

Students can only take quizzes on books with a minimum Lexile Level of 600.
Students and parents can research the Reading Counts points and Lexile Levels by going online to

Students will not be allowed to use the book when taking a Reading Counts quiz unless the student
has an accommodation.

The first 20 Reading Counts points entitle the student to an extra-credit card redeemable for 5
extra-credit points to be added to the final nine-week grade of any core subject. Cards will be given
on the Monday before the end of each 9 weeks. For example if a student has a final grade of 65%
in math, an extra-credit card can be turned in to raise the final grade to a 70%.

For each additional 20 points earned in the 9 weeks, the student will earn another 5 point extra-
credit card and so on. A student can earn up to 4 extra-credit cards in each 9 weeks.

Students can use 1 extra-credit card per core subject.
* Reading Counts points cannot be rolled over to another 9 week period. They are “zeroed
out” at the end of each 9 weeks.

How to redeem extra-credit points
If the student has no zero assignments due for the class, he/she turns in the extra-credit card
only. If the student has missing assignments for the class, he/she must complete the
assignments, attach them to the extra-credit card, and turn in to teacher to receive the 5 extra-
credit points; however, students will not receive credit for the zero assignments.

When is the last opportunity to take a Reading Counts quiz?
The last opportunity to take a Reading Counts Quiz is the Monday prior to the end of the 9 weeks
in Room 179 between 8:00 AM and 9:15 AM No other reading counts quizzes will be taken that

When is the last chance to turn in extra-credit cards?
The last chance to hand in extra-credit cards will be the Tuesday and Wednesday prior to the end
of the 9 weeks.